It’s been some time since I’ve updated you on my journey with OSA and CPAP therapy. A new job and all of the other distractions in life have kept me away, but with the dawn of 2022, I hope to be more diligent in posting on a regular basis. When I left off, I wasContinue reading “I’m BAACK …”

At last, a night without leaks – ResMed P30i Nasal Pillow Mask

Last night was the first time since late October that I slept through the night without an air leak. It was glorious! I’m not saying it was a perfect night — thoughts of Thanksgiving to-dos swirled around for quite some time before I could doze off — but six hours of uninterrupted sleep felt likeContinue reading “At last, a night without leaks – ResMed P30i Nasal Pillow Mask”

Selecting a mask

While the CPAP machine provides the life-saving pressure used to treat obstructive sleep apnea, the fit, feel, and reliability of your mask will likely determine if you stick with your CPAP therapy. An uncomfortable mask, or one that doesn’t provide a good seal because of ill fit or style, will turn a person off. Full-face,Continue reading “Selecting a mask”

Setting up a CPAP machine for the first time

Once programmed by your physician, preparing your CPAP for operation is pretty simple. Read the instructions fully before setting up your CPAP for its maiden voyage, but here are some suggestions to get you started. Find a location next to your bed that is about head height or slightly below with access to a powerContinue reading “Setting up a CPAP machine for the first time”

CPAP on a Budget

My diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea came in October 2020, after our family’s FSA account was maxed out following my wife’s foot surgery and our oldest boy’s wisdom teeth extraction. Even with those major medical expenses, we were nowhere close to meeting our insurance deductible. To say the least, I was not in a financialContinue reading “CPAP on a Budget”

I have what?!

I am a 48-year-old, caucasian man from South Carolina and have been significantly overweight for most of my adult life — including several attempts at lifestyle changes and weight loss that never seemed to stick. For decades, I’ve snored, woke tired, and suffered low energy levels. More recently, and to me a bigger concern, however,Continue reading “I have what?!”